हरि सिंह महाविद्यालय, हवेली-खड़गपुर मुंगेर



Vision And Mission

Our mission is to bring this most backward area into the limelight in the national and international scene. We want to erase the poverty through education and prepare the boys and girls to be a well-educated and ideal citizen of India.
As makers of the nation’s future, the dedicated staffs of the college intend to make future citizens of the country and contribute in the nation-building process. This shall be done by emphasizing teaching, engaging in research, participating in various community activities and extension programs of both local and national, along with the organizations which pursue common interests.

At the inception, the Vision of the institute was to fight against all odds, prevailing backwardness and commercialism to install an institution for higher learning that would endeavour to inculcate the spirit of service along with the professional growth of students. The college aims at transforming lives and communities through assimilation and dissemination of knowledge. Based on the notions of inclusiveness, equality, quality, and creativity, it professes at providing student friendly environment and educational opportunities to encourage and facilitate teaching learning process.

Student Information System

This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report.

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